Marta Perez Garcia | Woodcut Process

Woodcut Process

Printmaking by Reduction Process (Plancha Perdida)

First I draw a sketch directly on a wooden board which will be carved. Then I successively carve out the wood, apply one color at a time to the board, and print that color on paper. Each carving corresponds to the printing of one color. When the sketch has been completely carved out, and all the colors have been printed, the piece is done. Some of my prints have up to 20 colors.

Unlike other types of printmaking processes, the reduction process I use to create my prints through woodcut makes the work impossible to reproduce once carved. Which means that each piece is unique, much like a painting. I generally don’t do edition.

One of the main elements of my work is density; both density of the material I use and density of the forms that are excavated from the wood board and then translocated onto the bi-dimensional sheet of paper on which I print. This passage from wood to paper is the journey that my pieces and I engage in.