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Artistic Statement

My recent works prominently feature women and guns. The image of a woman holding a handgun can seem a rather strong, unlikely and worrisome one. For me, a handgun is both a metaphor for violence, and an object of power. Guns are not objects commonly associated with the conventional image of women.

My work is centered on the dynamic tension between domestic, culturally accepted violence perpetrated against women, and the violent and instantaneous act by which, at times, women attempt to break -and escape from- this vicious cycle.

Wide swaths of our contemporary societies continue to chose to ignore the ever more pressing problem of gender-based violence.

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My prints, in fact, talk about the contemporary feminicide, and how gender-based violence has become an accepted part of modern life.

Through my work, I am trying to initiate a dialogue in which the public is led to experiment in a poetic way the chaotic nature of the human condition. Without using melodrama, simplifications or moralization, I thrive to bring forth the story of women confronted with abuses.

One of my objectives is to I try to give a voice to women who have lived and continue to live through these acts of horror in silence.

Ultimately, my intention is that the aesthetic space created by my work contributes to bringing the public to reflect on an age old problem that society has struggled to tackle.